I’ll order two of those

I love Asian ass and love eating that pussy even more. So when I saw my friends girlfriend dressed in last year’s dirty maid outfit I couldn’t resist hitting on her. He wasn’t going to be home for at least another two to three hours and I think I may have surprised her in her surprise. She was definitely horny and good to go, she said she wanted to let me fuck her so I did. I didn’t feel bad about it at all.


Panties Half Way Down

There is something really sexy about a woman who pulls her panties down but not all the way down. I have been dating this sexy Thai girl named Mai for over a year now and she is insatiable. She loves to have her pussy eaten twice before she takes in the full length of my cock inside her. I’m more than willing to oblige since she tastes like candy when she cums in my mouth. She decided to take a few pics from the backyard to inspire me at work. It inspired me alright enough to skip out on the rest of my day.



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Variety is the spice of life and sticking to the same old tried and true lovers will only affect you. If you don’t open up your mind and body to everything else that is out there then you are only limiting the great pussy out there that will rock your cock. Asian women have some of the tightest pussies and asses you’ll ever encounter. Once you spread those lips and cheeks you’ll see how sweet they really are to the taste.

Asian Honey

Getting back from a recent business trip to Japan I was taken aback by this woman I had met. It was a one night fling that I was pretty sure I would never hear from ever again. I was wrong and for the first time in a long time I was happy to be wrong she emailed me this pic she had taken and I opened it on my smartphone in the bathroom to make sure it wasn’t on the work server and seeing her with a vibrator in her pussy got me all riled up so I naturally whipped out my cock and rubbed one out.


My Asian Hottie

Asian girls have this quality about them that makes them hard to resist. Its even better when they are straight out of Asia and have those accents…it just makes the sex that much freakier and nastier. This last Asian chick that I fucked was Thai and she loved anal sex but would start speaking in Thai when she was about to cum it was the best sound ever! She liked my big cock in her pussy till she came but she liked me cuming in her mouth even more.